Miniature Painting – DIY Vs Hiring A Professional

The physically demanding part of DIY miniature painting involves scraping off the existing color before putting new paint or primer on the walls. Scraping involves going out to most obscure and remote locations. This particular component of the painting process may be done fairly nicely if the dimensions of the miniature are average or small. A big miniature will certainly involve the expertise associated with an experienced miniature painter and also a seasoned miniature painting service.

There’s much more to surface preparation, color choice, paint program and tidy up than meets the eye. Without the proven abilities and the proper tools, taking on miniature painting to be a DIY work is able to prove to be a nightmarish experience – miniature owners could ignore the rigors of the task required and wind up breaking a couple of cardinal rules of miniature painting:

Applying water based paint over oil based paint that leads to peeling and blistering.

Not utilizing special primer when using colors that are black.

Painting over bare wood.

Painting over stains plus water leaks.

Failing to take out old failing paint properly.

This can lead to a situation where an expert needs to be called in anyway to restore the damages done. A very long lasting, quality paint job needs specialized equipment and programs and above all of the essential skills that are available just with many years of hands on experience.

The price factor the most apparent benefit of DIY miniature painting would be the money kept with expenses of color and equipment being the sole expense to the miniature owner.

But bear in mind while the color is not very expensive, another gear as sprayers, tools, brushes & ladders don’t come cheap. An answer is hiring a specialist paint sprayer originating from a rental agency with a daily rate.

It’s tempting to think about the savings which may be accomplished while looking at the hourly rate associated with a professional miniature painter and also the expense and time needs of a DIY job. In case the miniature painter is able to get the job done within a couple of days or maybe hours rather than months, then the cost savings might be justified.