3 Embarrassing Mistakes To Avoid When Sending Mother's Day Flowers

In case you’re considering sending flowers for Mother’s Day using Best Flower Shops In Nairobi, here are 3 awkward flower buying mistakes you must avoid…

Mother’s Day Mistake #1 – Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Send Flowers

Even if florists and flower delivery site promise same-day or next-day shipping, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the exception. In reality, Mother’s Day is the 2nd busiest vacation for florists.

If you would like to be certain that your lovely arrangement becomes sent on (or before) Mother’s Day, then arrange your flowers at least seven to eight days in advance. It’s not unusual for guys to get so many orders that last moment orders get delivered following Mother’s Day. You overlook ‘t need that, do you?

Mother’s Day Mistake #2 – Don’t Select Only Any Online Florist – Read Florist Reviews, First!

Even though most flower delivery sites send your purchase a local gentleman that designs your flower arrangement, they’re not all exactly the same. Some sites offer you excellent service and no-nonsense satisfaction warranties – while some hide behind a site.

Ordering flowers online is simple and convenient – and it normally beats going to a florist shop. However, it’s definitely worth investing two moments of time to look up “florist reviews” at Google (or go to a gentleman comparison website,) so that you understand you’re receiving the best deal for the money. The largest flower delivery sites aren’t necessarily the best – that they simply spend more online advertising.

Mother’s Day Mistake #3 – Don’t Buy Flowers out of a Website Without a Particular Satisfaction Guarantee

While most flower delivery sites assure that your satisfaction, the very best ones place their money where their mouths are. A good online breeder should ensure on-time shipping and fresh flowers that last for seven days. If they could ‘t promise that, take your company elsewhere. Your mother deserves the very best!